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Peopoly Phenom L Package

$7,225.45 (Inc. GST)
$6,283.00 (Ex. GST)

Large Resin MSLA Printer

Kit Includes

- FEP Film tailored for Phenom L (4off)

- Deft UV Resin Grey (4kg)

- Curing Oven

*Price includes sea freight cost to NZ.


Peopoly launched the Phenom in Oct 2019 to great reception from industrial users. The combination of size, speed and cost is very attractive for businesses that want faster and higher resolution 3D printing without the high price. Now Peopoly have released the Phenom L, the largest 3D printer by Peopoly. 



Fast MLSA Resin Printing

MSLA is much faster than other resin technology when printing a large object or a full plate of small objects because the entire layer is cured of resin. Peopoly’s customized light engine has greater light distribution than other printers using MSLA technology, plus a new cooling system to improve print results while extending the life of the mask. 


Bigger Than Ever

The latest and largest 3D printer from Peopoly, the Phenom L is 33% bigger than the Form3 L and over 50% bigger than the original Phenom. It also prints about 20% faster than the original Phenom and significantly faster than laser SLA printers like Form3. With all-new build plate designs, Phenom L is as easy to run as the original Phenom while offering the ability to print even larger models.


Get More Done With Fewer Prints.

Speed up your 3D printing workflow with Phenom L's 20% faster print time, the largest printer in the world for the Peopoly Phenom Series. Due to the new build plate design the phenom L has the ability to allow a full-sized helmet to be printed in one go leading to redcuced workflow times for its operator.


  • Rapid prototyping to check shape for many industries
  • On-demand manufacturing for customized one-off design
    • custom car parts, research tools, movie props, interior decoration, advertisement piece
  • Small-batch productions
    • Miniatures, small run electronic casings, jewelry making
  • Medical
    • Dental, customized wearable items like braces for injured limbs, shoe inserts, surgical planning props
Technical Specificatoins
  • Print volume: 345.6 X 194.4 X 400 MM
  • Resolution: 90 um
  • Technology: MSLA 3D Printing  
  • Shipping Dimension: 910 x 630 x 635 mm
  • Vat Volume: 2.5 kg


Panel Lifespan: 400 Hours on average (normally varies from 300-800 hours) and is a consumable. 

Product Number:
PEO-Phenom L
In stock - Price already includes shipping cost

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