Our Team

Bruno Le Razer

Bruno has a background of 20 years in metal Additive Manufacturing technologies with a wide range of experience in the aerospace, medical, Formula 1, jewellery, and tooling markets. He has a knowledge of most available materials for metal AM machines including but not limited to Titanium, Inconel, Aluminium, Tool Steel. During this period, Bruno has set up several new metal laser AM facilities, trained metal AM teams and managed the day-to-day manufacturing activities at various metal AM Service Bureaus in Europe. In parallel, he has been involved in writing up R&D proposals and running R&D projects across Europe.

Umar Pathan

Umar brings a wealth of very technical knowledge of 3D printing. He is certified in a wide range of professional 3D printers as a technical support specialist and has 5 years of experience in managing the technical side of 3D printing and the support requirements of the machines. He has an extensive knowledge in advising clients on how to get consistent high-quality production outcomes.

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