Aerospace Application

The aerospace and defence sector was a pioneer in the use of 3D printing and continues to make substantial contributions to the technology's development today. 3D printing for the industry has a clear value proposition, as it allows for the creation of objects that are both stronger and lighter than those created using traditional manufacturing processes, resulting in a more cost-effective product.


When it comes to the aerospace business, additive printing enables you to develop airworthy parts that are less in weight and perform better overall. It is particularly prepared to assist you in designing and manufacturing consolidated components for aerospace and defence applications in a short period of time, expediting the certification process, and optimising your whole supply chain. 

Lightweight Brackets

You may create shapes and structures that are impossible with traditional manufacturing by leveraging our sophisticated additive manufacturing and aerospace knowledge. This ensures greater functionality, reduced weight, and lower costs for your product, all while preserving or enhancing material strength.


Complete 3D can supply you with cutting-edge solutions that simplify the production process and make it simpler to build durable, one-of-a-kind, personalised interior vehicle components, all made possible through additive manufacturing.

Heat Exchangers

You can use additive manufacturing can help you construct sophisticated, dependable heat transfer structures - in small quantities - that are impossible to achieve with standard production methods. By utilising our metal additive manufacturing It is also possible to reduce your lead times and improve the performance of important thermal management parts that need many thin walls, huge surface-to-volume ratios, and extremely tight tolerances  widget to input text into the page.

Investment Casting

Skip the expense of injection moulding tooling for casting patterns. Our advanced software, hardware, and materials enable you to use investment casting workflows to cast 3D printed moulds in a fraction of the time and cost. Aerospace parts manufacturers can move directly from CAD to casting pattern with fewer design limitations and quickly create hollow patterns capable of far greater design complexity. 

Electric Engine Components

To attain repeatable high-performance take-off weight and flying range capabilities, all new electric flying vehicles require highly efficient and lightweight electric motors. With additive manufacturing, you gain innovative design flexibility to create the lightweight, highly efficient electric motor parts (e.g., stators, rotors, heat exchangers, etc.) that enable these capabilities.

Radio Frequency Passive Hardware

Assembly operations can be complex, prone to quality issues, and unpredictable in terms of efficiency and time. Moreover, while manufacturing aids are often used to improve costs, quality, and time, they’re also prone to complexity and frequent modifications. Our additive solutions for manufacturing aids allow production and assembly operations to optimize the assembly process while controlling manufacturing and inventory costs

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