Your Business Application

Our expert team will engage with you with a consultive approach to understand the requirements of your business. We can help you and your business with specialist knowledge in the following areas:

  • Materials 

       Sourcing suitable for your application and the environment and quality requirements.

  • Product Certifications

       Quality, bio compatibility, FDA

  • Additive manufacturing design

 Being able handle complex geometries means the only limitation is your own imagination.

  • Technology Selection

  • We have extensive knowledge of the various additive manufacturing methods and are ready to work with you to pick the right additive manufacturing method for your needs. We are fully equipped to do FDM, SLA, DLP and SLS printing.   
  • Post-Processing

    Sometimes the finished print by itself is not enough and you need a specific surface finish, additional material strength, or the 3D print is merely part of a larger process.

    With experience in casting, smoothing, hardening or sealing 3D prints, we can advise you on methods of post-processing your 3D printed parts to its final form. 






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