Dental Applications


Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular, as is dental tourism, franchise dentistry is becoming more prominent, and technology advancements in dentistry. As a result, the need for additive manufacturing in dentistry labs has skyrocketed. Specialised dental manufacturers and dental labs are now using 3D printing to create patient-specific models based on intra-oral scans, surgical guides, patterns, and moulds, as well as orthodontic aligners, metal ceramic implants, and other dental products.


Dentistry and 3D printing are a natural match, with dentistry requiring unique crowns, implants, dentures, and appliances, and 3D printing's strength being the fabrication of high resolution one-of-a-kind products. Due to its speed and efficiency, as well as significantly lower costs, dental 3D printing is increasingly replacing subtractive production methods. When possible, dentists who purchase 3D printers for use in their offices eliminate waiting periods and costs associated with external laboratories.


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