Education Applications


3D Printers are beginning to flourish as valuable educational tools as the result of improved technology and lower costs. What was once a novelty in the educational environment is becoming a key tool for boosting student accomplishment. 3D printing technologies facilitate improved learning, skills development, and increased student and teacher engagement with the subject matter. In addition, 3D printing sparks greater creativity and collaboration in solving problems.


Boost student engagement with our 3D printers that are easy to operate, learn, and teach. By introducing 3D printers educators can bring design engineering concepts to life with unmatched precision and accuracy, and prepare students for promising new career paths of the future.

Instant Prototypes Test Ideas Instant

3D printing is a technology that scientists and engineers are using to change the world. Our machines allow educators to put that same technology into the hands of their students to design and print cutting-edge applications. Use our Machines to enable your students to not only imagine but also create. 

Boost Engagement & Creative Skills

Using 3D printing as an active learning technology, Promote student creativity and expose them to professional-level technology that prepares them for their future. Studies confirm what it is easy for educators to observe - 3D printing lessons engage students, enabling them to learn advanced skills and concepts. Integrate our machines across your curriculum with applications across science, engineering, art, and design.

Take Projects to a Whole New Level

3D printers create unlimited new learning opportunities for students. 3D printing provides students with opportunities to experiment with ideas, and improve upon students problem solving skills. It is not easy to have students figure things out without the benefit of visualisation. A visual learning environment opens up new opportunities for presenting information to young students in an economically and efficiently.

Our Education Printers

LC Opus

Sized at 310x 174 x 200 mm, the LC Opus printer has recently been introduced worldwide. Suited for a very wide variety of applications, it could be found equally at home, in a dental laboratory or engineering workshop ; its intuitive and simple operation makes the LC Opus perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. 


The education package includes machine, wash unit, curing oven and resin.


The LISA Pro printer is made for students with interests in engineering and design who need access to even more materials for creating bigger or more useful prototypes and final parts. With its large built chamber and extended maximum print size, Lisa Pro is the best choice for those who want to test new materils and print large objects.


The education package includes machine, post-processing, powder and software.

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