Industrial Applications

Additive manufacturing is used to produce lighter, stronger components and systems with significantly higher efficiency than traditional manufacturing methods. It is used in a range of industrial industries, such as aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics, turbomachinery, and consumer goods. The great selection of materials and printers makes additive manufacturing offer a substantial competitive advantage in each of these industries. 


Additive manufacturing technology is designed to let you effectively develop, test, and iterate components. Whether it’s high-precision scale aerospace components or durable thermoplastics that mimic automotive-grade manufacturing production plastic. The use of 3D printing allows you to cut the time it takes to build high-performance parts from days or weeks to hours.

Complete 3D offers more than just equipment; we also offer an end-to-end solution with the knowledge and skills to assist you in solving industrial production challenges and delivering value in an efficient and effective manner. We can assist you in using our additive technology to improve everything from automotive driving experience to increasing manufacturing automoation efficency. Additive manufacturing delivers a perfect trifecta of improved performance, complex geometries and simplified fabrication. 


Individual handling duties are increasing in number as a result of increased automation in industrial environments and continually changing production processes. These dynamics place a strain on both robotic producers and users to discover individual grasping solutions at the same frequency and in an effective manner. Additive manufacturing has huge promise in this area since it allows for a change away from a one-size-fits-all philosophy and permits batch production.

Consumer Goods

Today’s customer expects more than the one-size-fits-all outcome of traditional manufacturing. They want customized products that are tailored to their specific need. From bespoke braces to personalized footwear, modern companies are adapting their consumer products to meet modern demands.

Hydraulic Manifold

Design and manufacture superior-performing manifolds with optimized flow to reduce pressure drop, mechanical disturbances, and vibration. Replace multipart assemblies with monolithic parts for increased reliability, improved manufacturing, and yield.

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