Design for Additive Manufacturing Course

NZ's Premier Design for Additive Manufacturing Course

Additive Manufacturing (AM) can transform R&D timelines and support significant improvements in production design and reduce manufacturing costs. We are eager to help you transform your AM understand and provide the tools necessary to drive growth and creativity.


Many industries approach additive manufacturing (AM) as a drop-in replacement for conventional manufacturing technologies. This approach does not fully utilise the unique possibilities that additive processes offer. This course attempts to impart some practical guidance on how to design parts to gain the maximum benefit from what AM can offer.


Additive manufacturing technologies are a key tool to innovation as they allow designers and inventors to quickly test out ideas to see if they work. For over thirty years, AM has been extensively used as a rapid prototyping technology. AM also removes some of the traditional manufacturing constraints that have become a barrier to creativity, and allow users to get real products to market without the normally high costs that can become a barrier to innovation.


When using the technologies for manufacturing it should be noted that AM does not remove all manufacturing restrictions. It, instead, replaces them with a different set of design considerations that designers must take into account if they wish to successfully use the technologies to add value to their products. Once the designers understand what AM can do for their line of work, the opportunities are limitless! 


The course is hosted by Complete 3D's Bruno Le Razer and led by one of the industry’s finest, Olaf Diegel, Professor of Additive Manufacturing and Head of Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab at the University of Auckland.


Next Course Dates: 2023 Q1

Course Topics

State of the additive manufacturing (AM) industry 

Introduction to designing for AM

AM design optimisation exercise

Design topology

Production economics of AM

Re-design your own company part

Issues and guidelines for polymers

Applications of AM

Future insights with AM

What’s included?

An opportunity to come through the Design Lab and get a first person experience with industry professionals.
Access to Selective Laser Sintering machines,  Direct Metal Printing machines and the latest production grade resin platforms.
Access to Sprint and 3DXpert among other CAD and 3D print prep programs.
Catered morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on both days.


Who should come?

Design engineers, design managers, supervisors, manufacturing engineers – with particular relevance for team members who need to learn how to design for additive manufacturing in order to get the best value out of the processes. To get the most out of this course, it is recommended that two people who generally work together should attend, be it two design engineers or one design engineer and one manager. 

Price $1,995 Per Person (GST exc)

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