3D Printing Partner Network - Service Providers & Bureaus

3D Printing Partner

Many end user companies use contract manufacturing for industrial 3D printing projects. 

At Complete 3D we work with a network of partners with leading capabilities in specialists areas. We will assist you to find the right partner to meet you specific requirements and provide you with the best possible solution.

Some of recommended service providers are listed below. Please contact us for details.
FI Innovations - 3D Design, Manufacture & Scan

Our highly-qualified design team utilises the latest technology SLS printing, advanced CAD software and metrology-grade portable 3D scanner.

* 3D Printing
* Rapid Prototyping
* Additive Manufacture
* Product Design
* 3D Scanning

Phantommoth is a design and CAD/CAM bureau specialising in fine jewellery and metal ornament creation, we utilise the most advanced  3D printer on the market for our production of lost-wax casting elements. We can provide designs, 3D printed waxes or finished jewellery and ornamental products in most metals - Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and Bronze - we can provide cast iron or steel parts as well. We also accept CAD files from jewellers, artists and engineers who wish to have their own designs 3D printed into castable wax.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions Limited

Additive Manufacturing Solutions Limited’s mission is to provide dental laboratories with a laser sintering production line facility. Their service delivers the highest detailed finish that is available in this technology with a rapid turnaround that is responsive to their customer needs. AMS have an extensive background in dental technologies, computer engineering, designing and operating complex systems. AMS have a close relationship with the AddLab at Callaghan Innovation and educational organisations. Research and development is a fundamental part of their business culture. To provide this service, AMS have chosen 3D Systems ProX 200 with dental specific software. This solution combines a depth of experience and expertise with proven performance and reliability.