Metal 3D Printing

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Direct Metal Printing (DMP), is an additive manufacturing technology that creates high quality intricate metal parts from 3D CAD data. In the machine, a high precision laser is focused towards metal powder particles to precisely build up thin horizontal metal layers one by one. This revolutionary technology allows for the production of metal parts with challenging geometries, not possible using traditional subtractive or casting technologies.


Metal 3D printers allow for the design, testing, and production of metal parts that are simply not possible with traditional manufacturing. Use these printers to boost your capabilities and create lightweight, high-strength structures.


See our four printer range below.

Our 3D Systems Metal 3D Printers

DMP is a powerful 3D Printing technology that shapes any desired metal part geometry by melting metal powder layer by layer. This technology is applied to build up material in layers instead of removing it in different steps. The metal powder particles pinpointed by the laser quickly and fully melt so that the new material properly attaches to the previous layer, without glue or binder liquid. A powerful fibre laser with high energy intensity operates in the inert area inside the machine. This guarantees that the metal parts being built exhibit a dense and homogeneous material structure. The CAD design of the parts directly drives the DMP production machines without the need for programming, clamping or tooling.

Entry Level Metal 3D Printers

DMP Dental 100

Entry Level Metal Dental Printer

DMP Dental 100 enables you to produce high-quality, metal dental prostheses. Laboratories can eliminate various steps and reduce unit cost per crown or partial while maintaining or increasing quality.


Best used for: Crowns, bridges, removable partial dentures (RPD)


Max build volume: 100 x 100 x 90 mm

Resolution: 60 Microns

DMP Flex 100

Entry Level Metal 3d Printer

The DMP Flex 100 is the affordable entry level 3D printer for direct metal printing. It is a low-cost and versatile option for your first step into all metal additive manufacturing and metal 3d printing.


Best used for: Small and complex parts, R&D, simplified assemblies, lightweight design 


Max build volume: 100 x 100 x 90 mm

Resolution: 60 Microns

DMP Flex 200

Professional and Precise Metal 3D Printer

The DMP Flex 200 is designed for professional 3D printed metal manufacturing of small, complex, fine detail metal parts at high quality using 3D Systems’ direct metal printing (DMP).


Best used for: Research and development,
complex precision parts, lightweight design


Max build volume: 140 x 140 x 115 mm

Resolution: 60 Microns

Industrial Metal 3D Printers

DMP Factory 350

High Quality & Scaleable 

High throughput, high repeatability metal printer that generates precision quality parts from  challenging alloys with high quality integrated material management for maximum powder usage.


Best used for: Light-weight design, orthopaedic implants, simplified assemblies, part count reduction 


Max build volume: 275 x 275 x 420 mm

Resolution: 60 Microns

DMP Flex 350

High Performance Am

The DMP Flex 350 is a high-performance metal AM system. An alternative to traditional metal manufacturing. It offers reduced waste, greater production speeds, and dense metal parts.


Best used for: Conformal latticework, topology optimisation, mass customisation, multiple materials


Max build volume: 275 x 275 x 420 mm

Resolution: 60 Microns

DMP Factory 500

Seamless Large Metal Parts

High throughput, highly repeatable metal AM system that generates precision quality parts from a broad range of alloys with high quality material management for maximum powder usage. 


Best used for: Large metal parts, production, implants, multiple materials, simplified assemblies


Max build volume: 500 x 500 x 500 mm

Resolution: 50 Microns