From film to entertainment, go to market faster with the confidence and quality of an optimized, tested product and discover how the right tools work for you, your customer, and your bottom line. Printed prototypes are also very common in the arts, animation and fashion studies as well.

3D printing has been on the periphery of the fashion world. Aspiring designers have long been trying to leverage its potential. Designers are making tools that can shake up the production and retail system. Looking around, one can see the growth of 3D printed fashion.

Complete 3D’s team delivers expert scanning, design and manufacturing teams to leverage movie FX, prop and figurine design, production, mass manufacturing and marketing of licensed property.




The maker revolution is taking the jewellery industry by storm. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing have opened up an entirely new realm of creativity for jewellers who want to try something new. 3D printers are great for making trinkets and tiny add-ons for our daily lives. Jewellery printing is perhaps the best example of this. This is another niche within 3D printing. Our 3D Printers are ideal for creating the wax moulds one uses to produce jewellery.

3D printing is challenging traditional production processes in the jewellery industry. The perfect meld between fashion and technology, it gives a new meaning to the term 'wearable tech'