Introducing New Zealand's premier Additive Manufacturing company: Fi Innovations

Posted by Complete 3D on 12th Jun 2020

Introducing New Zealand's premier Additive Manufacturing company: Fi Innovations

Fi Innovations was created in 2002 by Gareth and Melissa Dykes. A business born in the fibreglass and composites industry, but a vision to the future has always kept Fi at the forefront of innovation. So, whilst operating a successful composites business, Fi has continued to increase its offering to include boat building, a resin flooring division and now the latest addition is the additive manufacturing arm of the business.

Both Gareth and Melissa are passionate about their business, and their clientele, so felt that the additive manufacturing sector will add a huge amount of benefit in the future of all their current, and soon to be clients. And all done with a genuine Southland smile and welcome.

Here at Complete 3D we're very much focused on our partnerships, it's through these that we can truly deliver on our promise to provide complete 3D printing technology solutions to New Zealand businesses.

Our recent webinar was held to launch this partnership in lieu of a planned launch onsite which was scuttled due to COVID-19.

The webinar covered:

  1. Fi Innovation company overview and meet the team
  2. 3D Manufacturing - Printer and scanner capabilities
  3. Manufacturing Capabilities - Existing business skillsets
  4. Why Fi - Traditional skills adding value to AM
  5. Going online - Quote and Job Management tool launch!!!
  6. What is coming next - Future plans for Fi

For those of you who couldn't make it, here's the entire webinar so you too can see what Fi Innovations can offer you as a solution.  Click here to watch the webinar